electronic / experimental

Braids “In Kind” “Hossak” & Flourish // Perish album stream

Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Austin Tufts and Taylor Smith are the Montreal-based-musicians who make up Braids. Their first album Native Speaker was released in 2011, and just when everyone on the web started to talk of never hearing from the electronic artists again, In Kind // Amends was released as a teaser to the full length album Flourish // Perish. Arbutus Records, home to several Montreal-based-musicians including Grimes, Doldrums, Sean Nicholas Savage and Blue Hawaii, is set to drop Flourish // Perish on August 20th.

The album is available to stream for the rest of the week at Pitchfork. If you don’t have an hour to kill, at least spend ten minutes to watch the stirringly beautiful video for “In Kind”, and listen to “Hossak”, an adorable track off the album that captures the sweet and sensitive sounds which Braids display with apparent ease.


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