Podcast special: Feminist issues debunked by female musicians

My first podcast is about Kitty Pryde, Grimes, Maria Minerva and CocoRosie. These female artists have made feminist stands throughout their music career. After Danny Brown was molested on stage, Kitty Pryde sparked debate about what it means to be a male performer, especially a male rap star. This opinionated article exposed Kitty Pryde’s feminist nature, defending a man’s sexuality as powerfully as she would defend her own. Around the same time, Claire Boucher aka Grimes, posted an article to Tumblr about her reaction to male pressure. Maria Minerva responded to these posts on her own Tumblr account.

What is making these female artists itchy with annoyances? Bianca Casady of CocoRosie told NOWNESS that patriarchy has made a society accustomed to oppression. These powerful women just wont stand up to it. Listen to hear more of the articles and clips of the artist’s music. It’s my first podcast so let me know if you have any advice!

Thanks. xx.


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