Devendra Banhart at Sasquatch!2013

DSC01037 DSC01033six threeOn Saturday, May 25th 2013 at Sasquatch! Music Festival my green flower and I danced for Devendra. Here he is performing with bandmates Rodrigo Amarante, Noah Georgeson, Fab Moretti, and two artists that I don’t know the names of (so if anyone could help me out with that, I would greatly appreciate it). Devendra played an array of songs from Little Boys (cripple crow), Seahorse (Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Mountain) and songs from his newest album Mala. Devendra’s dance moves were exciting all of the girls in the front row but he seems to be more reserved compared to his earlier performances. Maybe it’s because he’s in love, and he’d rather be dancing for Ana. Oh well, my green flower surely provided the performers a few laughs and if you visit DBchumblr, you’ll get the feel that the band is having a great time on tour.

fan footage of the show thanks to youtube user dontworrybehappy224


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